Union Biometrica provides automated systems for analyzing, sorting, and dispensing objects from 10 - 1500 microns including viable small model organisms, small seeds, combinatorial chemistry beads and particles. Large Object Flow Cytometry BioSorter™
The company specializes in the development, production and distribution of automated workflow solutions for laboratories in the life sciences sector.
Addgene Addgene
the nonprofit global plasmid repository, archives and distributes plasmids for scientists, while also providing free molecular biology resources.
Grand Luminy Grand Luminy
Grand luminy Technopole assure la promotion du Parc de luminy et accompagne les porteurs de projets dans la création d'entreprise, de l'incubation à la pépinière.
cherry biotech cherry biotech
Ultrafast temperature shifts, Heat & cold shocks, Long-term stability & precision, Live and high-resolution imaging.
Luxendo Luxendo
MuVi-SPIM Imaging Life In The Fast Lane. Latest sCMOS camera technology and optimized combinations of objective lenses enable you to obtain the best from your sample: data you always wanted but could never get.
At the crossroads of biology and medicine, immunology is a scientific discipline that focuses on the operating mechanisms of the immune system.
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